Building Rapport With Coworkers

Having an office that runs smoothly is in everyone's best interests. Managers, employees, support staff, visitors, and clients like to feel at ease whenever they step into a workplace. Offices that run smoothly, whether they belong to the PR department at a local hospital or one of the world's biggest producers of computer software, are within reach of the people who work there as long as they are willing to work at it. Building a rapport with your co-workers is step one in this process. Let us give you some tips on how to get started.

Be Friendly and Approachable

You'd be amazed at how much difference a smile and a friendly "hello" can make in the day of even the surliest coworker! Being nice to people first encourages them to be nice back to you, so be friendly to even people you don't like and you may even change your whole relationship. By restraining from judging others and offering help when needed, you make yourself the go-to person in the office and generate good will.


If not knowing each other is a problem in your office, don't just be content to let it slide! Facilitate introductions among coworkers by arranging to go to lunch together or for drinks after work. To start out, consider arranging an in-office party so even the shy ones will find no reason not to attend. You might even host a team-building day, by renting some carnival games and having a fun BBQ with some laugh-inducing activities like a mechanical bull. Start conversations whenever possible, even within the office, and not just about work, though you can start there. Try not to leave anyone out of your activities.

Create a Comfortable Environment

Let's say you work in in a dentist office. It makes perfect sense to have photos clients before and after their dental treatment and cosmetic procedures, but make sure that's not the only decoration. Bring in personal items to decorate your workspace such as flowers, photos, or trinkets and encourage others to do the same. Post funny or encouraging cartoons and messages in public spaces and never bring anyone down because of their tastes. Welcome diversity and make it clear to everyone that no lifestyles or cultures will be slagged off.

Give Compliments and Credit Where Due

Finally, make sure to compliment your coworkers. Compliments can be on their work, their family, or even the nice tie they are wearing. If your boss commends you on the work your team did, take pains to point out the credit belongs to the entire team, not just you. Making people feel appreciated is never a waste of time, in fact, it can totally transform a poorly running office!

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