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On this section of the site, we are going to publish articles that deal with teambuilding and the use of consulting services for the person who works from his or her own home. Both the home based business and the employee working from home will find that both concepts are helpful when it comes to overall production; we will have a brief overview of each to lay the foundation for the articles to be found here. These may be helpful if you are running your own business with a small staff or maybe you're still connected to a bigger office.


Teambuilding is the process of analyzing how a group of people works together. It involves several steps, including analytical problem solving, all designed to bring out the maximum potential of a team.

Teambuilding can be either formal, within the office environment, or it may take place outside of the structures of the office building in the form of a staff retreat or get together, maybe at a conference center or resort. Generally, the exercises take the shape of some kind of game, with different individuals assuming different roles during the game. The contributions of each team member are then looked at and strengths and challenges worked out between the team members.

Now, you might be wondering why a website designed for home workers would bother to talk about teambuilding processes. After all, you are sitting there alone, whose team are you supposed to be on?

Well, if you are working from home but are an employee of a business, teambuilding can be a critical way to keep in touch on a personal level with other people back at the office. You may find that isolation may increase your productivity, but may decrease your ability to interact with other employees, who are still members of your team. It can help you interpret people's messages or just connect on a project idea. Teambuilding is one way to continue to be grounded, as far as the role you play in the overall office environment.

The small business owner without staff may not find any use in teambuilding, but there are certainly applications for those who have a staff even as small as one or two. Or, having teambuilding skills could even help you to interact with your customers. Let's say you run a company that specializes in web design for dentist offices, (look at this dentist office that used this type of company). Wouldn't it be great if you had the skills needed to find out exactly what your customer wants for their site right away? Teambuilding techniques could help with this.

Consulting Services

Where teambuilding may not always apply across the spectrum, every home worker can certainly use the expertise provided by consulting services. Small businesses will benefit from the wide range of experience and theories that consulting companies are inevitably exposed to, and the information they provide can be very useful when it comes to creating a more efficient and productive business.

Home workers employed as a part of a business will also be able to turn to consulting services for problems that may come up in that unique position. Remember, home based employees are rare but they have now been around for a while, and the number of workers at home is always increasing. You and even your manager may not have had much experience with home based workers in the past (if any) but many consulting services will have conducted studies and worked in a practical manner with other individuals and companies who have experience in this area. Once again, their knowledge can be of great benefit to the individual.

Both teambuilding and consulting services will come in handy, as far as the home based worker is concerned. While the effectiveness of teambuilding for the small business owner will depend on the employee base, consulting services will certainly provide some useful information that can help increase your bottom line.

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